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Your employer is not above the law. In California, employees can seek recourse against their employer for an abusive work environment and illegal practices in the workplace. Let us be your advocate against these practices.


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Legal Representation for the Working People

Your job is not only your livelihood, but it is part of who you are as a person. Chances are, you have worked hard to obtain the job you are in or recently lost. You spend a majority of time in your workplace. Therefore, the nature of your work environment and how you are treated at work plays a significant role in your mental and physical wellbeing. Unfortunately, many employers fail to understand that and resort to selfish and unlawful behavior by promoting an unfair and illegal work environment.

As an employee, you may feel inferior to your employer and feel intimidated to raise your concerns against your employer. Fortunately, the law is on your side and our firm is committed to stand by your side to stand up against an employer that promotes a work environment where you are mistreated, denied fair wages, discriminated against, or victimized by your employer.

What Does Employment Law Protect? 

California employment laws protect employees from an employer's discriminatory and retaliatory practices. As a California employee, you are entitled to a fair workplace regardless of your race, ethnicity, religion, gender, military status, and marital status. You are also entitled to accommodations if you are pregnant or disabled. California employment law also protects whistleblowers who expose employer wrongdoings or any illegal or malevolent practices. 

California Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

It can be hard to know if you’ve been a victim of workplace discrimination since there are several acts of discrimination that aren’t necessarily obvious or out in the open. California is an “at-will” state which means that employers can fire you at any time.

However, this does not mean that an employer can resort to unlawful discriminatory practices such as terminating an employee because they are a member of a protected class.

 Discrimination can take many forms, including:

  • Compensation differences
  • Being assigned undesirable job tasks
  • Being denied disability leave
  • Exclusion from promotion opportunities
  • Exclusion from retirement and benefit options
  • Being denied the use of certain facilities
  • Lewd jokes or uncomfortable language on your behalf

If you are denied opportunities for promotions, demoted, treated unfairly, or terminated, you may be able to pursue legal action against your employer and seek compensation.

Do You Have a Workplace Discrimination Claim? 

Mr. Bhatia has litigated some of the most complex employment matters in California and has secured favorable and lucrative results for his clients. Mr. Bhatia is an active member of the California Employment Lawyers Association ("CELA"), which is an organization dedicated to attorneys exclusively representing employees in California. Our firm can assist in the following matters: 

  • Retaliation
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Pregnancy Discrimination
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Leave Discrimination Against Military Veterans
  • Workplace Safety Violations
  • Whistleblowers
  • Severance Agreements
  • Gender Discrimination
  • Gender Identity/Expression Discrimination (Transgender Rights)
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination
  • Marital Status Discrimination
  • Race Discrimination
  • National Origin Discrimination
  • Ancestry Discrimination
  • Medical Condition Discrimination
  • Wrongful Termination

Wage and Hour Law and Class Action Practice 

At Bhatia Law, we offer the following services regarding wage and hour violations:

  • Minimum Wage
  • Overtime
  • Off-the-Clock Work
  • Meal and Rest Periods
  • Unreimbursed Business Expenses
  • Exempt Employee Misclassification
  • Independent Contractor Misclassification
  • Gender-Based Pay Discrimination
  • Vacation Pay Forfeitures
  • Late Final Paychecks and Waiting Time Penalties
  • Illegal Wage Deductions

If you have suffered any of the above mentioned violations, chances are so have your co-workers. Class and representative lawsuits gives employees the power to not only stand up for themselves but also for their fellow co-workers who suffered similar harm and wrongful conduct by their employers.

The class action vehicle empowers an individual employee to sue on behalf of a large group of employees for similar claims and similar damages.

For example: Let's say your employer illegally deducts $10 from your wages every month for 12 months. Your individual claim would only be valued at $120 and, from a practical standpoint, may not make much economical sense to pursue such a nominal value claim.

Now let's say your employer has also illegally deducted $10 every month from the wages of 10,000 other employees for 12 months. Collectively, the claim would then be worth $1,200,000.

Through a class action lawsuit, you may be able to recover this large amount on behalf of yourself and your fellow coworkers and many good lawyers will be happy to pursue this claim.

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